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  • 1.What is correspondence services and how it works?

    It's mail forwarding and exchanging service to ensure that you can communicate with the Russian and Eastern European women with no language and cultural barrier.

    When a gentleman submits a letter to the lady, the agency will notify her and make a reply. Agency will provide the lady with free translation service if the lady does not know English.

    Click here to learn more.

  • 2.How much does it cost to use your correspondence services?

    One credit will be deducted from your account for each mail you send or receive via our correspondence services.

  • 3.Can I attach photos in mail if I use your mailing system?

    Yes. You can attach up to 3 photos in each mail. Photos must be in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF format. Each photo should be between 20K and 600k.

    Please do not attach any nude or indecent photos in your mail.

  • 4.How do I know if the mail I sent are being received and read?

    The agency will make every reasonable effort to ensure your messages are delivered to the lady in a timely manner. To check the status of your sent mail, sign in to RussiawomenDate.com and go to My Services > EMF Mail > Sent Mails. Then click on "View" beside the corresponding mail under the "Remark" field.

  • 5.How long will I receive the lady's reply?

    Generally speaking, you will receive a reply within 72 hours. Please take translation time into consideration.

    But this may be longer at times of high demand, and on weekends when agencies have fewer staff on duty. You'll be notified of the reasons if there's a delay in receiving reply.

  • 6.Why can't I see new Mail while I have received a notification?

    It is possible that you have read the mail already as the notification may arrive at your mailbox a bit later.

    Another possible reason is that the mail is hidden because the agency has spotted a mistake in it. If it is the case, please check over your credit history. Credits charged will be returned manually for such case.

  • 7.How do I forward the mails to my email?

    By clicking the link "Forward this mail to my E-mail" at the bottom of each mail, the message will be then forwarded to your personal email account (the email you use during registration).

    To protect the privacy of you and the ladies, we do not support the forwarding services to other email accounts.

  • 8.What should I do if I prefer not to receive the lady's reply?

    If you no longer wish to receive a lady's reply from our site, you might add her profile ID to your Block List.

    However, we recommend you not to do it without giving any signs or hints because it will leave a very negative impression to the lady and the agency. Please provide an appropriate reason to the woman out of courtesy.

  • 9.Can I ask for credit refund if I am not satisfied with the reply?

    The response is delivered to you on an "as-Is" basis by the local agency. If you are feeling unhappy for the response, please kindly check our Refund Policy see if it meets with the terms. We will consider whether your credit will be returned based on this policy after thorough investigation.

  • 10.Can I exchange personal contact information via the website?

    Our first priority is and always will be the protection and the wellbeing of our members. For security and safety reasons, gentlemen are not permitted to exchange personal contact information via any of the site's services, including EMF Mail, Live Chat, Love Call, Gifts & Flowers etc.

    If you would like to have personal and closer contact with the lady, our site offers Live Chat for you to chat with ladies online, Love Call to hear her voice on the phone. You can also choose to meet the lady in person through our newly introduced Cupid Date service. All these services are designed to help you better understand and decide whether you and the lady are compatible, as well as to work out a promising relationship.

    We are always trying to provide better and more diversified services to our gentlemen. In the near future, more choices will be available for you to have closer communication with ladies. Please stay tuned!

  • 11.Can a lady contact me by EMF mail first?

    Normally, EMF mails between a gentleman and a lady must be sent by the gentleman first, but to help gentlemen utilize our service and make further contact with the ladies they are interested in, a lady can now send you a "First EMF Mail" if you have ever contacted her via Live Chat. This mail can be sent only once. If you receive this kind of mail, that means the lady is interested in knowing more about you. You can reply her either by EMF mail or Live Chat to start further communication.

    This First EMF Mail costs the same as the regular EMF mails. If you do not wish to receive this kind of mail from the ladies, you can go to your account and change your Live Chat settings.