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Cupid Note and Admirer

  • 1. What is Cupid Note?

    Cupid Note is one of the FREE services we offer to our distinguished gentlemen. It allows you to show interest to a lady with a built-in short message. If the lady is available and interested in you, she will give you a positive reply.

    Click here to learn more.

  • 2. I am having difficulties when sending a cupid note. Any advice?

    There are certain circumstances which you cannot send a Cupid Note:

    1.) You cannot send the lady a Cupid Note if you have already received her Admiration Mail before. If that's the case, you are suggested to send her mail via our mailing system instead.

    2.) She may receive too many Cupid Notes in the last 48 hours. If it is the case, please send a Cupid Note to her later.

    3.) You have sent more than 10 Cupid Notes in the last 10 hours. RussiawomenDate only allows each gentleman to send 10 Cupid Notes every 10 hours.

  • 3. What is Admiration Mail?

    Admiration mail is also one of our free services to let you know who is interested in you. When you complete your profile and set its status as "Visible", our agencies will introduce your profile to their Russian and Eastern European women. Any woman interested in you will send you a mail, which is called “Admiration Mail”.

  • 4. How do I let the lady know my attitude toward her admiration mails?

    If you are interested in the lady after reading her admire mail, you may send her an reply via our mailing system to understand her better.

    In case you received unwanted admire mails, please kindly select one of the built-in responses in the admire mail to let them know your attitude.

  • 5. I still haven't received any admiration mails. What can I do?

    To ensure that you can receive admirer mail properly, please make sure that you've done the correct settings as stated below.

    - Your profile status is set as "visible".
    - You have completed your profile with an uploaded picture.
    - You refresh your profile recently.
    - Your account on RussiawomenDate.com is still active.