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Live Chat

  • 1. What is Live Chat and how much does it cost?

    Live Chat is an instant messaging service with which you can use to express your feelings for your lady by text and emoticons. You can see which of your ladies are online and simply start chatting.

    The charge of using the Live Chat service is 0.5 credits per 5 minutes. Billing starts once you begin a chat, and stops when you simply close your dialogue box.

  • 2. What is Online Status?

    You can set your online status as Visible or Invisible at the upper right corner of our website or at the Live Chat dialogue box at any time (note: your change on one end will be synched on the other). If you set your status as "Visible", ladies can see you online and initiate conversation with you via Live Chat. If you prefer not to receive chat invitations from online ladies, you can set your status as "Invisible". This way, ladies cannot see you online or initiate conversation with you via Live Chat, but you can still select the ladies you wish to chat and start your conversation with them.

    The list of online ladies on the right-hand side of the site enables you quick access to online ladies. You can just close this list. It will not affect your use of the service.

  • 3. Can I chat with anyone on the site?

    As long as the lady is online, you can invite her to begin a chat with you.

    It is a live service, so only ladies and gentlemen who are both online simultaneously are able to chat to each other. If the lady with whom you wish to chat is not online, you can send her a mail via our Mail Correspondence Service to appoint a time to chat later.

  • 4. Do I need to install anything to use Live Chat?

    You should have Adobe Flash Player 11.1.0 and above installed on your computer. If you do not have it installed, a message will appear suggesting that you install this free software. Please note that to install the Adobe Flash Player, your computer has to meet relevant system requirements. For details, please go to the Adobe Flash Player official website:

  • 5. What information can be exchanged in Live Chat?

    You can introduce yourself to her (if you have not already done so), find out more about her, her personality, interests, family, perspectives, life, etc.

    Do not post any contact information (email/instant messenger address, home phone/address, etc.). RussiawomenDate.com is well recognized as a serious place where people make connections and foster healthy relationship. Please refer to our Procedural Rules of Live Chat for guidelines on how to use this service.

  • 6. How do I communicate with the lady if she does not know English?

    As Live Chat is a direct communication service allowing you to correspond with ladies directly, no translators are assigned. However, if the lady feels her English ability is not good enough, she can seek help from the agency - for example, requesting that a translator help her translate messages by her side or by other methods.

  • 7. If I have talked to a lady via Live Chat, can she take the initiative to contact me via EMF mail?

    Yes. Normally, the first EMF mail between a gentleman and a lady must be sent by the gentleman. Nevertheless, to help gentlemen utilize our service and make further contact with the ladies they are interested in, a lady can now send you a "First EMF Mail" if you have ever contacted her via Live Chat. If you receive this kind of mail, that means the lady is interested in knowing more about you. You can reply her either by EMF mail or Live Chat to start further communication. If you do not wish to receive this kind of mail from the ladies, you can go to your account and change your Live Chat settings.