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Photo Management

  • 1. Why should I add a profile photo?

    You should add your photo because:

    - It gives the lady an visual idea of who you are;
    - It can contain your personal image along with the text and other information of your profile;
    - It can let your personality shine.
    and so on.

  • 2. How do I add a photo in my profile?

    If you are creating a new profile, continue through the profile creation process to the Upload Photo page, click on the Browse button, and select the photo saved in your computer and upload it.

    If you have already created a profile on RussiawomenDate.com, first login to your account. Go to Photo, and follow the guidelines and instructions for uploading a profile photo.

  • 3. How do I change my profile photo?

    To change your profile photo, please follow the steps below.

    1) Login into your account, and go to Photo;
    2) Click on the "Delete" link and remove your existing photo. (Please note that a deleted photo cannot be recovered);
    3) Click on the "Browse" link button, and select the photo which is saved in your computer;
    4) Click the "Upload My Photo" button.

    Then, your photo will be reviewed. If approved, your photo will re-appear on your profile within 24 hours.

  • 4. I can't upload the photo. Can I use other methods to send it?

    Yes. You can send us your photo to:

    Customer Care Team
    Please go to the Customer Care section and upload your profile photo as an attachment. Please include the following details in the message:
    - Full name
    - Username
    - Registered email
    - Your date of birth

    Make sure to include the following details at the back of the photo:
    - Full name
    - Username
    - Registered email
    - Your date of birth

  • 5. Are there any specific requirements for adding photos?

    Before uploading your photo, please make sure that you read and understand our photo guidelines below:

    - Each image should be in JPG file, with its size between 20k and 600k.
    - Your photo should have YOU inside.
    - To leave good impression to ladies, it' s better to wear a shirt.
    - Your recent photo is most appreciated.
    - Keep the photo clean and do not upload containing any of the following:
    a. Overtly sexual image
    b. Obscene, offensive, or illegal image
    c. Details of your sex life
    d. Image involving illegal activities (illegal drugs, prostitution, etc)
    e. Copyrighted material or images of celebrities
    f. Image altered by Photoshop? (or other software)
    g. Pictures of yourself as a child or pictures of children
    h. Pictures containing any contact information such as email addresses, Instant Messenger nicknames, telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs

    Photo albums are subject to routine random checks by our moderators. RussiawomenDate reserves the right to remove any images it deems offensive and/or inappropriate.