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Search and Browse

  • 1. What are the search options available?

    To search for your ideal Russian and Eastern European woman you can use any of the following options:

    Quick Search: Allows you to quickly find partners by country and ages.

    Advanced Search: Gives you more advanced search options, such as height, education, profession, marital status, whether they have children, etc.

    Member ID: Remember her Member ID? You may find her by entering the ID in the specific search box.

    New Members: To view ladies who have most recently joined the site, click the "Newest Members" link in the Photo Gallery section.

    Online Ladies: You can search for members who are currently online by clicking here.

  • 2. What are “My Matches” and "My Favorites"?

    "My Matches" are the members who best match your criteria including age preference, have children or not, education and martial status.

    "My Favorites" is the list which contains lady profiles you are interested and saved.

  • 3. How do I add to, view, or delete My Favorites?

    To add a lady to your favorite list, simply click on the "Add to My Favorites" button on her profile.

    To view or delete lady profiles in your My Favorites list, please Click here.

  • 4. If I add a lady to my favorites, will she be notified?

    Yes. Our system provides a link for her to track down who has shown interest to her.

    It is a reference for the lady to estimate the possibility of receiving a positive response if she sends you an Admirer Mail.

  • 5. How do I find a profile I've seen before?

    If you remember specific personal particulars in her profile, you can go to Search page. Enter the details or keywords you remember and do the search.

    You are suggested to bookmark the impressed profiles to your "My Favorites" list. Then, profiles can be easily found again.